Keto Food to Avoid

Grains Artificial Sweeteners Processed Foods
Amaranth Acesulfame Cereals
Barley Aspartame Chips
Buckwheat Artificial Sweeteners Crackers
Bulgur Agave Farmed Meats
Corn Brown Sugar Fast Foods
Millet Cane Sugar Hot Dogs
Oats Coconut Nectar or Sugar Juices
Quinoa Corn Syrup Protein Bars
Rice Date Sugar Protein Powders
Rice Milk Equal Sport Drinks
Rye Fruit Juice Concentrate  
Spelt Honey Beer
Tapioca Maple Syrup Mixed Drinks
Wheat Molasses Sweeter Wine
  Raw Sugar  
  Saccharin Refined Table Salt
  Splenda Soy Products
  Turbinado Sugar  
  White Sugar  
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