• Motivation - Be held accountable and consistent for training sessions, while achieving goals you never thought possible.

  • Emphasis on proper technique - Learn proper technique to decrease injuries and maximize potential.

  • Weight loss/gain - Learn how to eat to lose or gain weight.

  • Make workouts time efficient - Maximize time, training for hours daily is not necessary to reach your goal(s) or to increase fitness level.

  • Increased flexibility - Make life easy by increasing range of motion and decrease risk of injury.

  • Increased fitness/nutrition knowledge

  • Increased bone density - Decrease frailty and fractures in older adults.

  • Increased metabolism - Burn more calories when not exercising.

  • Improve balance - Increased joint stability, muscle and joint strength.

  • Lower cholesterol - Live a longer healthier life while decreasing risk of heart disease.

  • Lower blood pressure - Decrease risk of stroke and heart attack.

  • Decrease diabetes risk - Exercise and proper diet decreases risk of Type 2 Diabetes in most people.

  • Eliminate joint aches and pains - Exercise and weight loss helps eliminate everyday aches and pains.

  • Progressive training/continual challenge - Increase potential with increased goals and dynamic exercises.

  • Individualized program based on your needs - Everyone is different and has different goals, have a program created for you.

Nashua NH Benefits of Personal Training Eric Bobish, Body Evolution Personal and Sports Training
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