Personal Training in Studio/Feedback and Support

For people who want more accountability, studio training hours are available. 

Personal training or studio time is $60 per hour/$30 per half hour

Studio training time can be combined with online training; choose an online training package and come in once monthly to do body stats and/or go over nutrition.


Combination Training

Combination training is meeting once a month or more depending on preference while using the online training app. The first session includes weigh-in/measurements, the practice of exercises, overview of the app, and the first steps in dietary changes. The subsequent meetings are 30 minutes which include weigh-ins/measurements, dietary follow-ups, and any questions.  

The first session is $60 per hour

Subsequent meetings are $30 per 30 minutes

App cost is $10 per month

Monthly check-in and using the online training app, the cost after the first meeting is $40 per month. 


Online Training

Online training starts with filling out forms then a meeting, in the studio if you're local or by phone is not local. Goals are established and where you're going to workout is determined, this is important because workouts are made for you and what you have available. The remaining talk is about nutrition and rest, and just how important both are in addition to the workouts to be successful. Please select "Online Personal Training" below for the plan information. If you have questions prior to selecting a plan please contact me.


Online Personal Training


Benefits of Personal Training

Motivation - Be held accountable and consistent for training sessions, while achieving goals you never thought possible.


Emphasis on proper technique - Learn proper technique to decrease injuries and maximize potential.


Weight loss/gain - Learn how to eat to lose or gain weight.


Make workouts time efficient - Maximize time, training for hours daily is not necessary to reach your goal(s) or to increase fitness level.


Increased flexibility - Make life easy by increasing range of motion and decrease the risk of injury.


Increased fitness/nutrition knowledge


Increased bone density - Decrease frailty and fractures in older adults.


Increased metabolism - Burn more calories when not exercising.


Improve balance - Increased joint stability, muscle, and joint strength.


Lower cholesterol - Live a longer healthier life while decreasing the risk of heart disease.


Lower blood pressure - Decrease risk of stroke and heart attack.


Decrease diabetes risk - Exercise and proper diet decrease the risk of Type 2 Diabetes in most people.


Eliminate joint aches and pains - Exercise and weight loss helps eliminate everyday aches and pains.


Progressive training/continual challenge - Increase potential with goals and dynamic exercises.


Individualized program based on your needs - Everyone is different and has different goals, have a program created for you.

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