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For people who want more accountability, studio training hours are available. 


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Online Training

Online training starts with filling out forms then a meeting, in the studio if you're local or by phone is not local. Goals are established and where you're going to workout is determined, this is important because workouts are made for you and what you have available. Please select "Online Personal Training" below for the plan information. If you have questions prior to selecting a plan please contact me.


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Online Personal Training



Benefits of Personal Training: 

Motivation - Be held accountable and consistent for training sessions, while achieving goals you never thought possible.

Emphasis on proper technique - Learn proper technique to decrease injuries and maximize potential.

Weight loss/gain - Learn how to eat to lose or gain weight.

Make workouts time efficient - Maximize time, training for hours daily is not necessary to reach your goal(s) or to increase fitness level.

Increased flexibility - Make life easy by increasing range of motion and decrease the risk of injury.

Increased fitness/nutrition knowledge

Increased bone density - Decrease frailty and fractures in older adults.

Increased metabolism - Burn more calories when not exercising.

Improve balance - Increased joint stability, muscle, and joint strength.

Lower cholesterol - Live a longer healthier life while decreasing the risk of heart disease.

Lower blood pressure - Decrease risk of stroke and heart attack.

Decrease diabetes risk - Exercise and proper diet decrease the risk of Type 2 Diabetes in most people.

Eliminate joint aches and pains - Exercise and weight loss helps eliminate everyday aches and pains.

Progressive training/continual challenge - Increase potential with goals and dynamic exercises.

Individualized program based on your needs - Everyone is different and has different goals, have a program created for you.


Concentric and Eccentric Movements

Concentric and eccentric movements are the distinct phases of a muscle contraction. Understanding these phases is essential for optimizing muscle development.


Concentric Movement (Concentric Phase):

    • Definition- The concentric phase is the phase of a muscle contraction where the muscle shortens while generating force. It's often associated with lifting or pushing a weight against gravity.
    • Example- During a bicep curl, when you lift the dumbbell toward your shoulder, your bicep muscle shortens, and this is the concentric phase for the biceps.
    • This phase involves the muscle overcoming resistance, such as lifting a barbell or dumbbell.
    • It is typically the phase where the weight is lifted or the resistance is moved.


Eccentric Movement (Eccentric Phase):

    • Definition- The eccentric phase is the phase of a muscle contraction where the muscle lengthens while still under tension. It often involves controlling a weight as it moves with gravity in a controlled manner.
    • Example- In the same bicep curl exercise, when you lower the dumbbell back to the starting position, your bicep muscle is elongating, and this is the eccentric phase for the biceps.
    • This phase focuses on resisting the force of gravity or the weight's descent.
    • Eccentric contractions can generate high levels of tension, often more than the concentric phase.


Both concentric and eccentric phases are critical for building strength, muscle size, and overall fitness. Combining both phases in your workouts, such as incorporating both the lifting and lowering portions of an exercise, can be an effective way to stimulate muscle growth and enhance muscle control.

It's worth noting that eccentric training, in which you specifically emphasize the eccentric phase (slower and controlled lowering of weights), can be a valuable component of a training program, as it can lead to muscle hypertrophy and strength gains. However, eccentric training should be performed with caution and may require a spotter or specialized equipment for safety, as it can place significant stress on muscles and joints.


Exercise has several mechanisms through which it can reduce inflammation in the human body:


  • Anti-inflammatory Cytokines- Exercise promotes the release of anti-inflammatory cytokines, such as interleukin-10 (IL-10). These cytokines help to dampen the inflammatory response and restore balance in the immune system.
  • Improved Insulin Sensitivity- Regular exercise improves insulin sensitivity, which helps regulate blood sugar levels. High blood sugar and insulin resistance can contribute to chronic low-grade inflammation. By improving insulin sensitivity, exercise can help reduce inflammation associated with metabolic disorders.
  • Reduction in Fat Tissue- Regular physical activity can lead to a decrease in excess body fat, particularly visceral fat (fat around internal organs). Adipose tissue, especially visceral fat, produces pro-inflammatory molecules called adipokines. By reducing fat tissue, exercise can lower the release of pro-inflammatory adipokines and decrease inflammation.
  • Increased Anti-oxidative Capacity- Exercise stimulates the production of antioxidants and increases the body's antioxidant capacity. Antioxidants help neutralize harmful free radicals that can promote inflammation and oxidative stress in the body.
  • Improved Blood Flow- Exercise enhances blood circulation and oxygen delivery to tissues. This improved blood flow aids in the removal of waste products and toxins, reducing the risk of chronic inflammation.
  • Stress Reduction- Regular exercise can help reduce stress levels. Chronic stress triggers the release of stress hormones, such as cortisol, which can promote inflammation. By managing stress, exercise indirectly contributes to lower inflammation levels.
  • Enhanced Immune Function- Moderate-intensity exercise has been shown to enhance immune function and reduce inflammation. Regular physical activity helps regulate the immune response, promoting a balanced and appropriate inflammatory reaction.


It's important to note that the benefits of exercise on inflammation are typically observed with regular and consistent physical activity. Engaging in a combination of cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility exercises can provide the most comprehensive anti-inflammatory effects.


Home Training Recommended Equipment:


Exercise Balls:

Exercise Ball 45 cm 10 colors- 

Exercise Ball 55 cm 10 colors- 

Exercise Ball 65 cm 10 colors-

Exercise Ball 75 cm 10 colors-  


Exercise Mat:

Exercise Mat 12 colors- 

Exercise Mat Medium 4'x6'- 

Exercise Mat Large 5'x7'- 


Yoga Mats:

Yoga Mats with with printed yoga poses, 68"L x 24"W x 0.2"Th 8 colors- 

Yoga Mat extra large with printed yoga poses, 72"L x 48"W x 96"Th- 


Trigger Point Balls:

Trigger Point Ball 2.5"- 

Trigger Point Ball 2.5" Extra Firm- 

Trigger Point Ball 5"- 


Foam Rollers:

Hard Foam Roller Black 36"-      Hard Foam Roller Black 24"-             

Hard Foam Roller Blue 36"-        Hard Foam Roller Blue 24"-             

Hard Foam Roller Purple 36"-      Hard Foam Roller Purple 24"-       

Hard Foam Roller Red 36"-         Hard Foam Roller Red 24"-         


Hard Foam Roller Black 18"-      Hard Foam Roller Black 12"-

Hard Foam Roller Blue 18"-        Hard Foam Roller Blue 12"-

Hard Foam Roller Purple 18"-    Hard Foam Roller Purple 12"-

Hard Foam Roller Red 18"-       Hard Foam Roller Red 12"-


Medium Density Foam Roller Ocean Marbled 36"-           Medium Density Foam Roller Ocean Marbled 24"-        

Medium Density Foam Roller Blue 36"-                        Medium Density Foam Roller Blue 24"-                      

Medium Density Foam Roller Pink 36"-                          Medium Density Foam Roller Pink 24"-                      

Medium Density Foam Roller Teal 36"-                         Medium Density Foam Roller Teal 24"-                       

Medium Density Foam Roller Purple Marbled 36"-        Medium Density Foam Roller Purple Marbled 24"-      

Medium Density Foam Roller Pink Marbled 36"-             Medium Density Foam Roller Pink Marbled 24"-            


Medium Density Foam Roller Ocean Marbled 18"-       Medium Density Foam Roller Ocean Marbled 12"- 

Medium Density Foam Roller Blue 18"-                       Medium Density Foam Roller Blue 12"- 

Medium Density Foam Roller Pink 18"-                       Medium Density Foam Roller Pink 12"- 

Medium Density Foam Roller Teal 18"-                        Medium Density Foam Roller Teal 12"- 

Medium Density Foam Roller Purple Marbled 18"-        Medium Density Foam Roller Purple Marbled 12"- 

Medium Density Foam Roller Pink Marbled 18"-          Medium Density Foam Roller Pink Marbled 12"- 



Variety Set, less compact- 

Adjustable Dumbbell, Barbell, Kettlebell- 

Classic Adjustable Dumbbells- 

Adjustable Dumbbells- 


Exercise Bands:

Full Set Perfect for home gyms-

Glute Training Bands- 

Home/Travel Bands-



TRX Total System-

Less Expensive TRX Substitute-


Stretching Strap-

Physical Therapy Stretching Strap- 

Stretching Strap 6 colors- 


Water Bottles-

Water Bottle w/key loop and phone pocket 10 colors- 

Water Bottle w/key loop and phone pocket 9 colors 4 sizes- 

Water Bottle w/Key and accessory storage 2 sizes- 

Water Bottle-


Compression Sleeves-

Elbow Compression Sleeve, multiple sizes and colors- 

Elbow Brace- 

Arm Compression with sun protection- 

Calf Compression Sleeve 17 colors, multiple sizes- 

Calf Brace- 

Knee Compression Sleeve- 

Kee Brace- 

Thigh Compression Sleeve 4 colors- 

Thigh Brace- 

Ankle Compression Sleeve 9 colors- 

Ankle Brace- 


Blood Pressure Monitors-

Blood Pressure Monitor-

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor- 


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