The hardest part about going to the gym is actually getting there; once you’re there, what do you do? This is where an online personal trainer and nutrition coach comes in. An online trainer and/or nutrition coach can provide the same services as a face-to-face trainer.

What do you get with online personal training?

  • Customized strength training plan
  • Weekly nutritional and exercise goals
  • Weekly and monthly review of your training program
  • Messaging through app/phone support if needed
  • Personalized dashboard tracking activity
  • Personalized calendar showing activities
  • Workout tracking showing exercise history and progress
  • Body statistics tracking weight, circumference, others
  • Nutritional guidance and tracking through MyFitnessPal
  • Access to video library with exercises and stretches


 How does online training work?

  • Choose your preferred package and complete the online questionnaire.
  • Define your goals, where you want to workout (home or gym) and your available time.
  • Open your app and go to your calendar to select the workout for that particular day. After selecting the workout, you can view the exercises planned. If you’re not familiar with the exercises, you can choose to watch a video on that particular exercise.
  • Get started and enjoy the journey!


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